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Miracle Fair

December 20, 2010

Miracle Fair – Thinking about the common place miracles

It has been a bad year. My two favorite restaurants in Dallas closed (York St. and Lola). And my two favorite football teams tanked. There are 35 College Bowl games and the University of Texas didn’t win enough games to get invited to any one of them – not even the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl or the Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl. The Dallas Cowboys have the look of the pad-less, shave-less Tony Romo standing forlornly on the sidelines. Not even a Wild Card shot this year.

Linda says, “It’s dragging down your writing. Be Happy. You know, it is a choice!” So this time I am going to muse on the common miracles that surround my everyday life when I choose to notice them.

Of course, the Big Miracle is to be deeply in love with a woman who looks and acts like she did twenty years ago. She’s always “There!” Linda incarnates harmony, empathy and other-centeredness.

And I am surrounded everyday by virtuous and energetic people who share the same values and work that gives my life meaning and significance (Leadership Network, Halftime, The Drucker Institute and “Bob Inc”), and I had the greatest mentor in the world since Alexander had Aristotle and he is still there through his writing.

Furthermore, having experienced a life-threatening infectious disease in the first Quarter of the year – I’M ALIVE – and feeling great following what no less than four doctors have told me was a miraculous healing. Yea God!

I wake up each morning forgiven of my multitudinous sins and have a son who assured me in writing that he had a great time in his 24 years on earth and that in his own words, “I am in a better place now. You’ve made it a great life. Make sure you go up and not down, and I’ll be waiting for you at heaven’s gate. Thanks. Adios, Ross.” People say all the time, “You will never know this side of eternity the lives you have touched.” I look forward to life “on the other side.” Not everybody does. I do. Think what a blessing that is!

The title for this musing comes from a favorite poem by Wislawa Szymborska, wherein this Nobel Prize winner celebrates “The usual miracle, the one-of-many miracles, the run-of-the-mill miracle, the miracle minus top hat and tails, the miracle that’s lost on us.” I have many of this type of miracles when I pause to think of them. My small miracles are mostly in the area of relationships but hundreds of other things are well – the glorious red and orange leaves this fall in Texas – the stillness at Still Point Farm that restores my soul.  It is just a matter of being receptive and taking notice. I want to suggest that this Christmas season with its opportunity for quiet moment is a great time for you to take notice.


So What about You?

  1. What are ten common miracles that enrich your life?
  2. What about love? Who are you investing your life in? Who is investing their lives in you?



A Thought

All the prior chapters in “My Next Book” are archived at

Maybe you will take time during the holidays to catch up on those you have set aside. I can’t imagine you have read them all.


In the meantime, Christmas reminds us that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. In sickness and in health. In a turbulent world, it is our only “sure thing.”

Christmas cheer to all

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  1. February 16, 2011 5:06 PM

    Thank you for this beautiful post about appreciating the daily miracles in our lives. I find it makes such a difference to practice gratitude. Right now, can I think a positive thought? What is going well? No matter how tough it gets, there has to be some thing that is going well. Thank you that the sun is shining. Thank you that I have a great father, or wonderful relationship with my sister. If you are in America, thank you that I have the right to vote, that I have the right to choose hundreds of places to eat from everyday.

    When challenges arise, I have to remember, it will pass. The mountain will pass and at some point, you get to start walking downhill. So keep climbing, keep being grateful, and…keep going.

    My 97 year old Oma and grandmother, one of my best friends, once told me, “Whenever I feel down I find something to be grateful for, and I find someone else who is in a worse situation and help them. It helps me be grateful.”


    Pamela Hawley
    Founder and CEO

    Living and Giving blog

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